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April 2024

It is that time of the year when the sun shines bright. When we want to escape to the hills… the beaches… and dive into the pool for respite. It’s time for ice creams and sharbats and summer fruits that help us cool off.

One such fruit is the mango, aam in Hindi—a quintessentially Indian fruit that has been part of folklore, thrived in hundreds of traditional recipes for ages, and is now finding its rightful place in fusion delectables as well.

In this edition of Namaste.ai, we tell you how the ‘Maharaja of Fruits’ connects this diverse nation and its sweet taste manifests in some of the most lipsmacking Indian dishes. As you fly today, see the list of cities that we connect where you can experience the fruit, making your travels ‘mangolicious’.

Speaking of connectivity, we’ve launched a new route, connecting Delhi to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, a city where tradition is intertwined with modern charm. We then take you to Salzburg, Mozart’s birthplace, immersing ourselves in its history. Finally, we find serenity in the temple city of Madurai, a haven for weary travellers.

This month, we entered the Climb phase of Vihaan.ai, the five-year transformation journey announced in 2022. In the last two years we’ve made many changes that will help us achieve our vision to create a world-class global airline. We will update you through Namaste.ai and seek your feedback to improve along the way.
Happy reading. Namaste