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The Celebrations Issue

August-September 2023

As we enter the season of festivities, it is also a time of celebration—witnessing the remarkable achievements of Iindia’s scientists and athletes. Vikram, the Chandrayaan-3 lander, touched down on the moon, opening new horizons for lunar exploration. Indian sportspeople put on a great show at the World Athletics Championships, the IBSA World Games cricket, and the Chess World Cup, winning medals, breaking records, and winning hearts.

Air India, too, is driven by a similar determination and passion—to be a National Inspiration! Our salute to the heroes at ISRO and all sportspersons.

This special Celebration issue of Namaste.ai celebrates the essence of lndia—its colours, traditions, people, and remarkable diversity. It captures some of the festive spirit that unites the nation during this time of the year and offer you some trip planning tips.

Through India to the rest of the world, the stories in the pages highlight the timeless charm of Kerala, and take you to the Ziro Festival in Arunachal Pradesh and the Burning Man in Nevada, USA. From the culinary delights of Lucknow and the rajbaris near Kolkata that read like epic sagas to the quaint corners of Puducherry—flip through the pages for beautifully-curated immersive cultural journeys. Internationally, explore the dynamic atmosphere of Tel Aviv and the local life of Amsterdam.

This edition is more than just travel; it’s a holistic experience. With insights into trends, technology, and worldwide events, the gears you up for the ensuing festive season.