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Kite Festivals

February 2024

For centuries, flying has been the ultimate goal, representing freedom, adventure, and ambition. The spirit of aviation embodies the essence of soaring high, reaching for the skies, and embracing the limitless joys of flight. One of the earliest attempts to reach the skies was through the art of kite flying. Kites dance in the breeze, symbolising the thrill of flight and connecting us to the wonders of aviation. The aspirations that drive both kites and aviation are always upward and beyond, capturing the human desire to explore and discover. The Cover Story celebrates the joy of flight and takes you on a global journey through the many kite-flying festivals.

Continuing the theme of flying high, we shine a spotlight on a career that is a dream for many. In our interview with the Princess of Tripura, she recounts her journey as a member of Air India’s esteemed cabin crew. We also tell stories of people reaching for the sky in our feature on Guneet Monga, a visionary shaping narratives that reflect the dynamism and uniqueness of India, globally.

There are many more stories of travel, giving you even more reasons to pack your bags and fly. From wandering through the enchanting city of Rome, savouring its rich assets to travelling beyond the dazzle of city light to uncover the hidden wonders of Pench National Park, recently acclaimed as India’s first Dark Sky Park—embark on a journey of discovery and embrace the boundless joys of flight and the myriad wonders that await us. Wishing you blue skies and endless horizons.