` March 2024 - Namaste.ai – Air India’s in-flight magazine

Colours of India

March 2024

Welcome to this edition of Namaste.ai, where we celebrate the arrival of spring and the renewal it brings. Join us as we explore the ‘Colours of India,’ where each hue tells a story of vibrancy and joy.

Our Cover Story takes you on a journey through a few of India’s many enchanting destinations. From majestic verdant flower valleys to peaceful bird sanctuaries­—you’ll have some unforgettable experiences. Along the way, you’ll discover the delicious aromas of Indian spices and the rich culture they represent.

We also feature talented chefs who are bringing Indian cuisine to the world stage, earning recognition and Michelin stars. We share the inspiring story of Eshna Kutty, who combines hula hooping with healing to showcase the power of joyous well-being.

Of course, we can’t talk about colours without mentioning Holi, the festival of colours, but we see the celebration anew, through the eyes of an expatriate. We take you to Shantiniketan, where the festival is traditionally celebrated with delicate flowers. Our journey takes us from the red soil of West Bengal to the white peaks of Zurich, showcasing the beauty and richness of nature and culture.

Spring’s renewal and transformation serve as a fitting metaphor for Air India’s own journey of transformation. The goal is to build a world-class airline with an Indian heart; read all about the airline’s progress in the ‘Your Air India’ section.