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European Summer

June 2024

Ah! Summer is here. And with that comes the much awaited holidays, inviting families and solo adventurers alike to set off on journeys of discovery and delight.

Dive into our latest edition to kick-start your summer escapades! In this issue, we proudly unveil our Cover Story, ʻEuropean Summer,’ a comprehensive guide through the sun-kissed and landscapes and hidden gems of the continent. From serene beaches to vineyards, and quaint picnic spots to cultural meccas, let us be your companions to experience the season’s best.

But before you dive into our continental odyssey, glance at the cover and behold the magic of European Summers—an integration of an Augmented Reality experience to transport you to the region. Simply scan the QR Code and indulge in breathtaking sights even before you take off.

Furthermore, join us as we jet off to Dubai, courtesy our new non-stop flights from India. From there, we venture into the vibrant landscape of Hong Kong, exploring its architectural wonders and inspiring urban regeneration. Seeking solace? Join us as we uncover the tranquil allure of Rishikesh this International Day of Yoga, where the spiritual Ganges meets the majestic Himalayas.

As we strive to elevate your reading journey, your feedback is eagerly awaited. Thank you for your unwavering support and endless enthusiasm.

Happy reading and Namaste!