` November 2023 - Namaste.ai – Air India’s in-flight magazine

The Connections Issue

November 2023

Life is like a crocheted blanket, crafted with the threads of our connections, adding warmth and colour to our collective journeys. The festive season is a time to celebrate these connections, and as an airline, Air India is privileged to play a part in bringing people together.

In this edition, explore the heart of what Air India does: Aviation is ultimately about enabling people to travel the world and connect with each other. It’s not just about taking a flight; it’s about creating a certain sense of belonging, where geographical boundaries fade away, and new connections are made while old ones are renewed. Read about how Air India’s Interline and Codeshare partnerships allow you to forge new connections as you gain access to and travel to over 700 destinations worldwide.

Learn about staying true to our roots, as Chef Vikas Khanna narrates his stories of homecoming and patriotism. Our journey continues, embracing stories of interconnected journeys through land, air, and water. From picturesque road trips to island-hopping adventures, and river cruises, these experiences promise to leave an indelible mark on your heart.

Explore the culturally rich city of Amritsar and venture to the tip of the majestic Indian peninsula as we look out from Kanyakumari. In Nairobi, the peaceful coexistence of wildlife and humanity paints a captivating picture of our interconnected worlds.